Better living begins at home!

This phrase defines all the warmth, the quality and the unique style of Eclair.

Eclair could be characterized as a furniture composition, for a cleverly designed open space, connecting the kitchen, wardrobe and living room. Designing such a studio, it is necessary to create “zones”. A kitchen island can be a natural focal point, dividing the kitchen from the rest of the room, giving the feeling of different points that coexist harmoniously.

The kitchen extends mainly in a straight line, creating a corner with the tall unites and is completed on the opposite side with windows and the refrigerator space providing both functional and aesthetic value.

The kitchen is dominated by the color white that gives light, in combination with the wood that gives quality.

The metal shelf is the only hanging element on the wall, which perfectly matches the ambiance, the colors and the style of the rest of the furniture since it is in the same tones.

Moving on to the other “zones”, we observe the sliding wardrobe, which very cleverly utilizes the recess that exists in the spot, in white color and with a touch of wood, constituting the connecting link between the kitchen and the living room.

Moreover, the corner sofa, adapted to the dimensions of your choice, and the poufs offer moments of relaxation and warmth.

The living room is completed with a light wall composition, mainly with shelves and closed storage spaces, but also a small multi-purpose piece of furniture with glass doors together with doors in the same warm color of wood.

We can surely say that a studio which combines the kitchen, the wardrobe and the living room, offers flexibility and practicality while at the same time makes the house appear bigger and brighter. It is a trend that has become synonymous with the modern life, and the result is extremely impressive!

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