Contemporary or modern!

Macaron is an aesthetic and contemporary design, with a combination of contrasting colors, coordinated finishes and textures.

This concept of open storage between tall cabinets airs out your design and makes a focal point in your kitchen!

At the same time, glass shelves that are illuminated by LED warm lighting which are placed on the sides of the cabinet, allowing the flow of light to continue and diffuse in the space!

This design concept is combined with everyday functionality in the modern kitchen, especially by creating direct access to the drawers, and thus enhancing the storage space.

A row with additional cabinets above the existing cabinets, allows the full utilization of space in height, increasing storage options.

The island design feature is the different levels that are created, combining storage, food preparation, table expansion and the separation of the kitchen from the open space in which it is located.

It is observed that the height of the semi tall cabinets function as a smart divider of the kitchen area from the living room, while on the outside it has additional storage space.

Adding chairs or stools of your choice, a fully functional and aesthetically upgraded space is formed!

In the Macaron kitchen, modern aesthetics prevail, through the arrangement of colors and textures! The insertion of warm wood with the neutral tones of the lacquer offers a warm harmony, while the touch of purple in the semi-high cabinets of the island gives an intense and dynamic accent!

Two key features could not be missing from this design proposal!

The Gola handle on all drawers and the push open mechanism on the tall and semi-tall cabinets highlight while giving a more elegant final style to the space.

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